A Connected Guide No Matter Where The Consumer Is

XRDNA M.O.E. Football

Immersive UX

Simple user interface that bridges the real world with virtual environments

Live Interactive Mapping

Easily navigate with M.O.E. guiding your journey

A Guide That Gets....You

M.O.E. learns by interacting and customizing logic for personalization

XRDNA Generative Worlds

At Home

M.O.E. Brand Ambassador
Open new dimensions of experience
M.O.E. Brand Products
Travel to virtual destinations with M.O.E. as your guide
M.O.E. Brand Products
Future integrations for shopping and music platforms
M.O.E. Brand Products
Interact with customized avatars from games and brands, all driven by the M.O.E. engine
XRDNA - At Home

AI Personalized

M.O.E. Brand Asset Overlay
Adaptable to User Preferences
M.O.E. Event Contextual AI
Long Term Memory
M.O.E. Conversational AI
Built for Future Customizability
M.O.E. Knowledge Base
Advanced Knowledge Base
M.O.E. Location Awareness
Enhanced AR Wayfinding Experience
M.O.E. AI Search
Guided AI Search
XRDNA M.O.E. Football

On the Go

M.O.E. Brand Products
Use integrated maps to find your way around town
M.O.E. Brand Products
Experience concerts and events in a whole new way
M.O.E. Brand Products
Toggle between real-world and virtual environments
M.O.E. Brand Products
Interact with games and brands in the real world
XRDNA - M.O.E. Sports